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AU Trojan

"Dedicated to Protecting our Campus Community"

The Anderson University Information Line is up an in operation. Messages will be placed on this voice mail when we have bad weather or power outages.
The number is 864-622-6057.

Abney Athletic Center : Basement hallway and rooms without windows, (DO NOT GO ON GYM FLOOR)

Faculty Office Building: Watkins basement level hallway and basement rooms without windows

Vandiver Hall : Bottom level hallway

Pratt Hall: Basement

Merritt Administration Building : Bottom hallway at entrance to the dining hall, restrooms may be used on main floor. (DO NO GO IN DINING ROOM OR MERRITT THEATER)

Denmark : Basement / Laundry room

Johnston Building : Basement / Restroom areas on Main floor

Thrift Library: Basement (Area past restrooms through double doors to area marked by South Wall)

Admissions: Basement

Johnston Hall: Basement

Anderson Central (Financial Aid) : Inter-Office Spaces / Basement of Johnston Hall

Evening Admissions: Inter-Office Spaces / Basement of Admissions

Watkins Teaching Center : Basement level hallway and basement rooms without windows

Rainey Fine Arts Center : Interior hallways / Basement and Restrooms (DO NOT GO IN THEATERS OR STAGE AREA)

North Rouse: Laundry room and hallway near Laundry room

South Rouse: Basement Hallway

Lawton : Suites 1A , 1B, 1C

Kingsley Hall: Hallway on first floor near room 14

Village: First floor hallways

Village Basement: Offices without windows or inner shop area away from doors and windows

Inner Campus (Bookstore, Post Office, Information Services, College of Education, Student Center ): Hallway between Post Office and Office of Education

Business Office: Offices in the rear of main office and storage room

Stringer Commons: Bottom of stairwells of each building

Sullivan Hall: Bottom hallway at entrance to the Chapel Area, (DO NOT GO IN THE CHAPEL)

All Houses: Interior hallways or closed spaces without windows

Boulevard Halls:: Interior hallways or closed spaces without windows

These areas are for general information only to orient everyone to these safe areas.

Should we be notified of severe weather heading our way each Residence Hall and class room building will be notified in a timely manner. Updates will follow as needed.

For More Information:
Campus Safety
(864) 231-2060